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 Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus 

One of the most liberal, modern and secular Turkish societies in the world. I am personally from a Greek-Turkish family. So, perhaps you can imagine how I feel. Even though I am not happy with the never-ending conflict between Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey, as atheist activists we need to organize the free-thinking skeptics, and humanists in order to promote reason and science in every bit of life including reforming the existing medieval education system. Being secular is not enough. Organized atheism is needed to fight human rights violations or discrimination against nonbelievers so we can build a community lead by skepticism, reason, and science. We have to organize and make sure that what happened in Turkey (as far as the shift towards moderate-Islam) never happens in Northern Cyprus. Never! 


Republics of Turkey and Northern Cyprus have a special arrangement in terms of governmental and non-governmental institutions. Therefore, it is easier for us to establish an NGO in Northern Cyprus as a branch of the already existing Association of Atheism, Turkey (Ateizm Dernegi). Having said that, we can also register a new one in Northern Cyprus. And yes, this NGO will naturally be sister-organizations with the atheist NGO in Southern Cyprus. Our prediction is establishing the NGO in late 2022. 

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