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Non-believers of the Republic of Georgia are planning to establish their first-ever atheist organization this year. My efforts in Georgia started in 2016 when I was invited to Georgia by the local atheist activists in order to help them group, form and establish their first atheist Non-Governmental Organization. As president of Atheist Alliance International, in April 2016, I have visited Georgia for 30 days with my team of nine atheist activists representing the Association of Atheism Turkey, Atheist Magazine Turkey, and Atheist Alliance International. We held two meetups and a work-shop during that visit in order to promote organized atheism

In 2017, I have lost my mother. It was a very dark grieving period  which was followed by the denial of my political asylum application to Canada, and topped with a deportation order to Turkey. Needless to say, I was forced to take a year off from activism and from life itself. Due to these personal matters, I had to temporarily abandon this project among many others. A time-off for some reflection was much needed. In 2019, as I got back to life (activism that is), and jump-started this project.


Are you a Georgian or an atheist activist living in the Republic of Georgia? Please give us a hand! 

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