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Emir Onur Cilek-Romano: Biography

An extended biography on me, my family, childhood, troubles, legal fights and imprisonments I have been through. The evolution from Islam to Deism, to Agnosticism, to Atheism, to Militant Atheism. My fifteen years of journey on Feminist Polygyny dynamics. Why I chose to devote my life to promoting organized atheism in the Middle East. My atheist asylum journey in Canada. To be published in 2020. 

Religious Atheists

What is atheist bigotry? Deplatforming and blackballing in the international atheist community. The fine example exercised on me by Maryam Namazie, Michael Nugent & Jane Donnelly of Atheist Ireland, and Annie Laurie Gaylor & Dan Barker of Freedom From Religion Foundation in 2017. The take-over attempt on Atheist Alliance International, and how it ended. A commentary with supporting documents. To be published in 2020.

Me three: Victims of False Allegations

A story about the false allegation I was the victim of which ended with the honor killing of Nermin Karga in 2003. What happened after? Blackmail. 'Blood money' demand. Dismissal. Extradition. Acquittal. Not guilty. Political manipulation. Judicial operation. The diplomatic and judicial shitshows. Other charges I was harassed with. False allegations as a crime industry; victim inmates I met during my imprisonment. To be published in 2020.

History of Atheism in Turkey

A brief summary of the atheist movements in Turkey in the 20th and 21st centuries. Focusing mainly on the past ten years after 2010. The underground Ateistler Meclisi (the Congress of Atheists), Ateist Dergi (the Atheist Magazine), and Ateizm Dernegi (the Association of Atheism, Turkey). How we did what we did. And our dirtiest secrets. To be published in 2021.

Activist Burnout in Organized Atheism

Bringing attention to what secular/humanist/atheist NGOs suffer from most.  Volunteers; Hobby vs Discipline. Gender balance. Creating local, national and online communities for the work-force. The life expectancy of a volunteer? How to phoenix your former volunteers. Discussing it through the lens of Global Leadership. To be published in 2021.

Turkey of My Dreams

A political-science prediction novel which I started to draft during my first POL 101 (introduction to political science) class in 2000 and kept working on it during my MA in Global Leadership classes. It explores in model systems and system models. Join my journey to build a new Turkey from scratch; starting from education infrastructure to the justice, military, government, and social systems. To be published in 2022.

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