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 AD TV - Ateizm Dernegi TV 

ad tv_koyu zemine-01.png

Association of Atheism, Turkey has launched its YouTube channel AD TV in 2019.

- The first weekly YouTube show we started to produce is 'Bunlar Ateist!' (These are atheists!) which is a phrase used by President Erdogan quite often. He uses it as a hate speech. We take pride in it!
- The second weekly live-show we started is 'Pazartesi Sendromu' (The Monday Syndrome) which is an art, culture and literature show.
- The third show is planned to be a bi-weekly atheist news report, named Ateist Gazete (The atheist newspaper).
- Right now we have a team of 11 hosts. 

AD TV 's aim is to build a team of atheist activist YouTubers and volunteers so that we can broadcast seven weekly live-shows (in Turkish) for each day of the week, all shows in different formats. We are getting there. We can reach our goal and raise the bar only and only with your support.

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