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Atheist activism is not a choice.
It's a duty!



My full name is Emir Onur Cilek Romano. I've invested 10+ years in militant atheist activism. I'm an Ex-Muslim from Turkey. I have devoted my life to fight for the rights of non-believers in the Middle East region since 2011. 


I helped to establish the first-ever atheist Non-Governmental Organizations of the Republics of Turkey and Georgia. I am now working on establishing the first-ever atheist NGOs of the Republics of Azerbaijan, and Cyprus. I see organized atheism in the developing countries in the Middle East region as the ultimate answer for an enlightened tomorrow. 

As a victim of false allegations, I've spent a total of three years imprisoned in Turkey. I was forced to fight tens of bogus charges brought by the Pro-Islamic Turkish government. I was slandered and crucified by the religious Turkish media outlets. The charges I was once acquitted of were reversed to Guilty from Not Guilty by higher courts, after my atheist activism made its peak.

I am now an asylum seeker in Canada since 2017.
Former President of Atheist Alliance International. 
Board Member of Centre for Inquiry Canada.


As it has become my life-long mission for the past 10 years, I do not see atheist activism as a hobby nor take it lightly.
I have ongoing efforts, projects, and initiatives in Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, and Canada. Together, we can make this list go longer. 
Your support is needed, solicited, and so very much appreciated!

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